Posted by: Amy | February 10, 2013

Unforgettable Short Stories

I hereby reclaim my love of short stories.

It dawned on me a few weeks ago that I don’t have the patience or the time nowadays to read novels, an affliction that I am sure will fade away at any moment. Meanwhile I noticed that among the “To Be Read” books that line my shelves are several anthologies of short stories. In what Oprah calls an “aha moment,” I now will attempt to read more short stories and offer my reviews here. Look for my first installment on Saturday.

My love of short stories goes back to when I was a kid, maybe 10. I had a collection of teen love stories set in the 1950s, maybe early 1960s. I read that book over and over and over again. They were sweet stories of unrequited love, of girl-meets-boy-but-doesn’t-get-boy. (Who knew my own teen life would later mirror these stories? But I digress.) 

Here’s the thing: I can’t remember the book’s title. I tried doing Google searches. “Teen love stories collection 1950s, 1960s” led me to a cool website, but alas … the book remains as elusive as my first crush.

These are the stories that I remember:

  • A girl reads an engagement announcement of her older sister’s ex-boyfriend. She tries to write a letter to congratulate him, but with each attempt more of the story unfolds and we find that she also fell in love with him.
  • A girl pines for a boy in one of her classes. She is so enamored of him that she doesn’t pay attention in class, which jeopardizes her chances to be named to the school’s literary society.
  • A girl experiences a summer romance that doesn’t last beyond September.

So if anyone remembers this book, I would be eternally grateful if you would let me know. And I hope you remember its title.


Do you love short stories? Which ones are your favorites?



  1. I’ve always had a soft spot for shorts. They are usually so tightly written. I think that vibrancy adds to them being so memorable. I will take short stories over novels written by Hemingway, Faulkner, Updike and the like. Anthologies are my favorite. Like a box of fine chocolate truffles. Here is my go-to place to find books at a good price:

    • There’s an art to short stories. They are more intimate and immediate. Besides the teen love stories that I mention here, there are so many other short stories that I absolutely adore. Thanks for the heads-up on the book site. Looks like I’m going shopping! LOL!

  2. “sweet stories of unrequited love, of girl-meets-boy-but-doesn’t-get-boy”: I think every teen girl’s life mirrors these stories… lol. I know mine did. I hope you find your book. Good luck.

    • Thanks, Becca. It does seem that we each have that “the-one-who-got-away” story. LOL!

  3. Did you try under the term ‘romance’ instead of love stories?

    • D’oh! I hadn’t even thought of that, Heather. LOL! I’ll give it a whirl. Thanks so much.

  4. Amy, it’s so frustrating to not be able to find the stories that stuck with you so strongly from childhood! I have one — a picture book called Jacko, about a monkey, without words — that I finally tracked down. It’s out of print and costs a fortune in auctions! So maybe you’re better off – hmm, here’s an idea – rewriting those romance stories from memory. 🙂

    I agree with you on short stories in general — I especially love anthologies. Did you read any that were particularly interesting?

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