Posted by: Amy | September 2, 2012

Calling Timeouts

The other night I called my best friend from high school, hoping that she’d agree to go out for dinner. I needed to get out of the house. Badly.

Turns out, so did she. We compared our laments and she won. Unbeknownst to me, another friend was dealing with issues that awarded her the gold medal.

It would be easy to blame that night’s blue moon for the lunacy in our lives, to swear the people around us turned into half-human, half-beasts.

That would make a better story, but … no. What we three needed was a simple Timeout. To be sent to the corner. To be given some space. To be able to hear our own thoughts.

Sometimes the responsibilities of being who we are is daunting and overwhelming. We are wives, daughters, sisters, aunts. My friends are working mothers. We worry about keeping the family happy, stretching that dollar and staying healthy.

We are constantly aware of the clock because it’s always time to do something for someone else, but when is it time to do something for ourselves? We shouldn’t have to wait for someone to finally blow the whistle and call a Timeout for us. By then, it’s too late.

Taking breaks away from the family is not being selfish, but I suspect that we all feel some degree of guilt when we want to be elsewhere — anywhere — but home. It’s not a sign that we hate our lives and that we’re running away. This is a need to reset and replenish ourselves when we are emotionally, mentally and spiritually depleted. And when we get back, we are stronger and more centered.

I’ll remind my friends of this. Without Timeouts, our loved ones will swear that we’ve turned into half-women, half-beasts — without a blue moon.


Timeouts take different forms. Gazing out the window, writing in a journal, wandering around the mall. What do you do when you need personal “Me” time?















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