Posted by: Amy | July 1, 2012

Self Portrait

A former work colleague and fellow hippie, Karen, shared her self-portrait as part of Photo-a-day July Challenge.

I bought a Canon Rebel Xsi a while back. I have no clue what I am doing. But what better way to experiment than with a challenge? Then I realized I have to take a picture of myself. Ugh. I’ve avoided snapshot-shooting family and friends for years. That’s part of my self-consciousness. Still working on that.

There’s a scene in the movie, “Crazy, Stupid, Love” that I love. Emma Stone asks hunky Ryan Gosling to take off his shirt. And when he does, she exclaims, “Fuck! Seriously? It’s like you’re Photoshopped!”

Here’s me, Photoshopped. Not gonna win me Ryan Gosling, but that’s OK. I’d probably break him, anyway.

Meanwhile, check out Karen’s blog, She is passionate about art, animals and saving the world.



  1. i love you, Amy! you are beautiful, kind and that’s a great, artsy portrait. thanks for the link. hippies forever 🙂

    • You’re very welcome, Karen. Peace, my sistah.

  2. Amy –
    I like the picture! It reminds me of the 70s, but in that cool, hip way.
    I remember that line in “Crazy, Stupid Love.” It was hilarious! I think Emma Stone has a wonderful future ahead of her as an actor. And I think Ryan Gosling makes me remember that I’m a full-blooded woman! 🙂

    p.s. I also will take a look at Karen’s website.

    • Thanks, Monique!
      I never paid attention to Ryan Gosling until I saw “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” But he certainly was yummy in this role. LOL!
      I’m glad you like the pic. It was fun messing around with Photoshop.
      And thanks for taking a look at Karen’s blog.

  3. Hi Amy: So you are a writer and participating in a July photography challenge? Great! Seems like you’re doing really well with yourself with your new SLTR camera. Hope you get to take lots more photos soon.

    • Hi, Amanda!
      As you can see, I completely failed my July photo challenge. But there’s another one coming up in August, so I have a chance to redeem myself. LOL!

  4. I like it!

    • Thank you! I had fun doing it.

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