Posted by: Amy | May 29, 2012

The archer in me

If the name of my blog is Take Aim, then it’s only appropriate that I go to an archery range and learn how to shoot an arrow.

The session at Pacific Archery in Daly City was a 18th birthday/high school graduation present to my grand-nephew, Darren.

But for me, it was a gift to myself that said, “Be adventurous. Get out of your comfort zone. ”

I allow my weight to literally weigh me down. I’m too self-conscious and too uncomfortable in my own body. It’s easier to stay home and eat potato chips and drink Pepsi. It’s becoming a habit to turn down opportunities to have fun, unless it involves eating out. In so many ways, I’m holding back.

In some weight-loss programs, they ask participants to write down things they will do once they lose weight. I have my list. But the thing is … why wait?

I don’t have to be skinny to learn how to shoot an arrow. OK. My legs hurt after a while. And my boobs got in the way until the instructor showed me the correct way to hold the bow.

I had to let go of my fear – my fear of the bow and arrows, my fear of doing something new. Twice my arrows missed the target completely. But twice I hit the red ring that encircles the yellow bulls-eye.

I channeled my inner Katniss and Princess Merida. I imagined beating Hawkeye and Green Arrow in a shootout. I kept hearing the songs “Cupid” and “Poison Arrow” in my head.

Stand straight. Straddle the line on the ground. Snap arrow in place. Hold bow outward with your left hand. With the right hand’s three middle fingers, grab the string, just below the arrow’s nock. Pull back on the string until your hand is touching your cheek, near your lips. Aim lower than the target. Gently release. Feel the arrow fly.

I may have looked silly, but who cares? I had a blast. I got to share an experience with Darren that I will always treasure. I’ll definitely go back again.

Meanwhile, I want to plan my next adventure. Any suggestions? When was the last time you busted out of your comfort zone? Is there something you’ve been meaning to try?

Aiming for accuracy, for adventure.



  1. Good for you Amy! I used to love archery. It is very sensory-the crispness of the arrow, the feel of pulling back the bow, the brief pain of the bow grazing your arm. I hope the strength you found helps you reach your goals.

    • Thank you, Lauri. I like the mental challenge of archery as well. I broke out in a sweat from all that concentrating. LOL!

  2. way to go girl; we are always pointed towards making our mark

    • Thank you, sorrygnat (aka Sabra). Am trying to keep focused on the target.

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