Posted by: Amy | April 6, 2012

Poem-A-Day Challenge, Day 6

Write a hiding poem. You could be hiding. Someone else could be hiding. Something could be hidden. Or maybe there could even be a hidden meaning


First Kiss


We all start running

into the night,

Chrissy screaming

“Five! Ten! Fifteen!”

You nudge me and say,

“This way.”

I follow you down the block,

the sounds of scuffling feet

and giggling fading into echoes.

You jump into the back

of Mr. Mendoza’s pickup,

turn and reach out to me.


For a split second

I hesitate, but I hear

“Eighty-five! Ninety!”

I grab your hand

and scramble onboard.

You pull me down and we both lie

on our backs — just in time.

“Ready or not! Here I come!”

I hold my breath, praying

that you can’t hear my heart

pounding away

that somehow the darkness

hides my excitement and fear.

We lie there, looking up at the stars

whispering, you point out the Big Dipper

and Venus, shining brightly.

“Or maybe it’s Jupiter. I always forget.”

I start to laugh, but you put your hand

over my mouth, ever-so-gently.

“Ssshhh ….”

Then we kiss.

And keep on making out,

ignoring our friend’s call

“Olly, olly! Oxen free!”

You pull away, smiling down at me.

“Strawberry lip gloss? I like it.”

My head is spinning

and I don’t trust my voice.

“OK. I’m gonna jump out,

cut across the street and come out

from Tony’s stairs. You

wait, then get out.”

I nod, understanding

the need for secrecy.

You kiss me again,

then disappear.

I wait until it’s time

to come out of hiding.










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